Vectors tools

You can use this only if you have installed sertit[full] or sertit[vectors]


copy(src_path, dst_path)

Copy vector (handles shapefiles additional files)

corresponding_utm_projection(lon, lat)

Deprecated since version 1.29.1.

get_aoi_wkt(aoi_path[, as_str])

Get AOI formatted as a WKT from files that can be read by Fiona (like shapefiles, ...) or directly from a WKT file.

get_geodf(geom, crs)

Get a GeoDataFrame from a geometry and a crs

ogr2geojson(vector_path, out_dir[, ...])

Wrapper of ogr2ogr function, converting the input vector to GeoJSON.

read(vector_path[, crs, archive_regex, window])

Read any vector:


Set KML driver for Fiona data (use it at your own risks !)

shapes_to_gdf(shapes, crs)

Convert rasterio shapes to geodataframe

to_utm_crs(lon, lat)

Deprecated since version 1.29.1.


Change temporary the CRS of a vector, ie when computing area based statistics / features (centroid....) which need a meter-based CRS.

write(gdf, path, **kwargs)

Write vector to disk, managing the common drivers automatically.