assert_raster_almost_equal(path_1: Union[str, CloudPath, Path], path_2: Union[str, CloudPath, Path], decimal=7) None[source]#

Assert that two rasters are almost equal. (everything is equal except the transform and the arrays that are almost equal)

Accepts an offset of 1E{decimal} on the array and a precision of 10^-{decimal} on the transform

Useful for pytests.

>>> path = r"CI/DATA/rasters/raster.tif"
>>> path2 = r"CI/DATA/rasters/raster_almost.tif"
>>> assert_raster_almost_equal(path, path2)
>>> # Raises AssertionError if sth goes wrong
  • path_1 (AnyPathStrType) – Raster 1

  • path_2 (AnyPathStrType) – Raster 2

  • decimal (int) – Number of decimal