get_gpt_cli(graph_path: str, other_args: list, display_snap_opt: bool = False) list[source]#

Get GPT command line with system OK optimizations. To see options, type this command line with –diag (but it won’t run the graph)

>>> get_gpt_cli("graph_path", other_args=[], display_snap_opt=True)
SNAP Release version 8.0
SNAP home: C:/Program Files/snap/bin/..
SNAP debug: null
SNAP log level: WARNING
Java home: c:/program files/snap/jre/jre
Java version: 1.8.0_242
Processors: 16
Max memory: 53.3 GB
Cache size: 30.0 GB
Tile parallelism: 14
Tile size: 2048 x 2048 pixels
To configure your gpt memory usage:
Edit snap/bin/gpt.vmoptions
To configure your gpt cache size and parallelism:
Edit .snap/etc/ or gpt -c ${cachesize-in-GB}G -q ${parallelism}

['gpt', '"graph_path"', '-q', 14, '-J-Xms2G -J-Xmx60G', '-J-Dsnap.log.level=WARNING',
'-J-Dsnap.jai.defaultTileSize=2048', '-J-Dsnap.dataio.reader.tileWidth=2048',
'-J-Dsnap.dataio.reader.tileHeigh=2048', '-J-Dsnap.jai.prefetchTiles=true', '-c 30G']
  • graph_path (str) – Graph path

  • other_args (list) – Other args as a list such as ['-Pfile="", '-Pout="out_file.dim"']

  • display_snap_opt (bool) – Display SNAP options via –diag


GPT command line as a list

Return type: