reproject_match(dst_meta: dict, src_arr: typing.Union[, numpy.ndarray], src_meta: dict, resampling: rasterio.enums.Resampling = Resampling.nearest, **kwargs) -> (typing.Union[, numpy.ndarray], <class 'dict'>)[source]#

Reproject a raster to match the resolution, projection, and region of another raster.

Matching rioxarray reproject_match.

  • dst_meta (dict) – Destination metadata

  • src_arr (Union[, np.ndarray]) – Source raster’s array

  • src_meta (dict) – Source metadata

  • resampling (Resampling) – Resampling method

  • **kwargs – Passing other kwargs to calculate_default_transform and reproject


Reprojected array and its metadata

Return type

Union[, np.ndarray], dict