Source code for sertit.arcpy

import logging
import logging.handlers

# flake8: noqa
[docs]def init_conda_arcpy_env(): """ Initialize conda environment with Arcgis Pro """ # Try importing lxml try: from lxml import etree except ImportError: import os import sys if "python" in sys.executable: root_dir = os.path.dirname(sys.executable) else: import subprocess try: conda_env_list = "conda env list", capture_output=True, shell=True, encoding="UTF-8" ).stdout conda_env_list = conda_env_list.split("\n") curr_env = [env for env in conda_env_list if "*" in env][0] root_dir = [elem for elem in curr_env.split(" ") if elem][-1] except IndexError: os_file = os.__file__ root_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(os_file)) except Exception: raise ImportError( "Cannot import lxml. Please try 'pip uninstall lxml -y' then 'pip install lxml'." ) os.environ["PATH"] = root_dir + r"\Library\bin;" + os.environ["PATH"] print(f"Missing lxml DLLs. Completing PATH: {os.environ['PATH']}") from lxml import etree # Try again
[docs]class ArcPyLogHandler(logging.handlers.RotatingFileHandler): """ Custom logging class that bounces messages to the arcpy tool window as well as reflecting back to the file. """
[docs] def emit(self, record): """ Write the log message """ import arcpy try: msg = record.msg % record.args except: try: msg = record.msg.format(record.args) except: msg = record.msg if record.levelno >= logging.ERROR: arcpy.AddError(msg) elif record.levelno >= logging.WARNING: arcpy.AddWarning(msg) elif record.levelno >= logging.INFO: arcpy.AddMessage(msg) super(ArcPyLogHandler, self).emit(record)