Release History#

1.XX.Y (20YY-MM-DD)#

1.19.3 (2022-11-21)#

  • FIX: Force vector conversion to dataset CRS in rasters(_rio).rasterize

  • DOC: Add a History page

  • CI: Correct gitlab-ci file

1.19.2 (2022-10-31)#

1.19.1 (2022-10-28)#

  • FIX: Fixing nodata value in rasters.write

1.19.0 (2022-10-10)#

  • ENH: Add a files.get_ext function to mirror get_filename

  • ENH: Add a vectors.ogr2geojson function to convert tricky vector files to GeoJSON using OGR fallbacks

  • FIX: Handling GML CRS errors (i.e. with urn:ogc:def:derivedCRSType) with some GDAL versions

1.18.3 (2022-10-07)#

  • FIX: Fixing absolute paths for non-existing files in rasters(_rio).merge_vrt (again)

1.18.2 (2022-10-07)#

  • FIX: Fixing absolute paths for non-existing files in rasters(_rio).merge_vrt

1.18.1 (2022-10-07)#

  • FIX: Enabling the option of absolute or relative paths in rasters(_rio).merge_vrt

  • FIX: Fix issue with too long command line with rasters(_rio).merge_vrt (VRT with too much files)

1.18.0 (2022-09-28)#

  • ENH: Add a xml folder grouping some helpers for lxml.etree such as:

    • read

    • read_archive

    • write

    • add

    • remove

    • update_attrib

    • update_txt

    • update_txt_fct

    • convert_to_xml

    • df_to_xml

1.17.1 (2022-09-12)#

  • FIX: Set BIGTIFF=YES when needed in memfile (IF_NEEDED is not sufficient)

  • OPTIM: Reduce memory usage when passing xarrays to rasters_rio functions

1.17.0 (2022-09-12)#

  • FIX: Allow BIGTIFF in memfiles

  • FIX: Do not import rasterio and geopandas for ci functions that don’t need it

  • FIX: Fixing pandas FutureWarning The frame.append method is deprecated and will be removed from pandas in a future version.

  • DEPS: Drop support of Python 3.7

1.16.1 (2022-08-30)#

  • FIX: Do not call fiona drivers through geopandas in vectors.set_kml_driver

1.16.0 (2022-08-26)#

  • ENH: Adding useful AXA utils functions (display.scale_to_uint8 and strings.is_uuid) #2

  • OTHER: Log stack path when missing index in

1.15.0 (2022-08-24)#

  • ENH: Creating a vectors.make_valid function based on shapely’s #6

  • ENH: Creating a rasters_rio.reproject_match function based on rioxarray’s #3

  • ENH: Creating a rasters(_rio).rasterize function base on rasterio’s #5

  • OPTIM: Do not copy array whith rasters.set_nodata


  • FIX: Manage nodata keyword in rasters_rio


  • ENH: Add get_archived_path function in files

  • FIX: Add errno.EINVAL error in files.is_writable

  • DOC: Remove Use it like OTB SuperImpose from documentation

  • DOC: Update theme


  • FIX: Add other loggers to ci.reduce_verbosity


  • FIX: Add checks for indexes in

  • FIX: Fix bug with nodata in rasters._vectorize and rasters without nodata set

1.13.0 (2022-03-17)#

  • ENH: Adding a reduce_verbosity function in CI

  • CI: Log debug when tests

  • DOC: Copyright to 2022

  • DOC: Some updates

1.12.2 (2022-02-24)#

  • CI: Test code only if files have changed

  • CI: Publishing wheel from GitHub instead of Gitlab

1.12.1 (2022-02-24)#

  • OPT: Do not export_grid_mapping when using rioxarray.open_rasterio

  • FIX: vectors.shapes_to_gdf: Fix geometry when converting to geopandas

  • FIX: rasters_rio.collocate returns a masked_array if a masked_array is given as input

  • FIX: Use --no-binary fiona,rasterio directly in requirements.txt

  • FIX: Remove warnings

  • CI: Clean gitlab-ci

  • REPO: Setting GitHub as the main repository and using new Gitlab runners

1.12.0 (2021-12-07)#

  • ENH: Adding a assert_geom_almost_equal function

  • FIX: Better logs for CI functions

1.11.1 (2021-12-06)#

  • FIX: Using dill instead of pickle as it works on more python types

1.11.0 (2021-12-02)#

  • ENH: Add read_archived_file and read_archived_html functions

  • FIX: Fixing ValueError in rasters_rio.path_or_arr_or_dst_wrapper (ambiguous test)

1.10.0 (2021-11-26)#

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removing to_np function (useless)

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removing useless dtype argument from the rasqters.sieve function

  • FIX: Correcting the sieving function that misused nodata values

  • FIX: Correcting the rasters_rio.write function that modified the array instead of just writing it

1.9.0 (2021-09-28)#

  • ENH: Adding slope and hillshade functions (to bypass gdaldem CLI)

1.8.1 (2021-09-22)#

  • FIX: Handling more cases in files.is_writable

1.8.0 (2021-09-22)#

  • ENH: Adding files.is_writable function to test if a directory is writable or not

  • DOC: Using readthedocs instead of github docs

1.7.4 (2021-09-14)#

  • FIX: Fixing python version in environment.yml

  • FIX: Fixing driver to GTiff in rasters.write

  • CI: Fixing dissolve with shapely < 1.8

1.7.3 (2021-09-08)#

  • FIX: Checking path existence in

  • FIX: Repair geometries in vectorize

  • FIX: Do not modify in place the input in merge_vrt (str transformed in Path)

  • CI: Stop writing vector on disk

1.7.2 (2021-09-06)#

  • FIX: Managing dask arrays with rasterio sieve

  • CI: Testing properly rasters functions with dask

1.7.1 (2021-09-03)#

  • ENH: Adding ArcPyLogHandler in arcpy

  • FIX: Updating init_conda_arcpy_env

  • CI: Testing with chunks

1.7.0 (2021-08-30)#

  • ENH: Adding a function managing arcpy environment

1.6.0 (2021-08-26)#

  • ENH: Enabling Dask and ensure the functions are Dask-compatible

  • FIX: Fixing typo in snap.get_gpt_cli function (tileHeight)

  • CI: Do not lint on tags

  • CI: Test with Dask local cluster

1.5.0 (2021-08-18)#

  • ENH: Making add_to_zip work with cloud zips

  • BREAKING CHANGE: add_to_zip outputs the completed path

  • FIX: environment.yml to respect the stricter use of file: syntax. See here for more information.

  • FIX: Use numpy>=1.21.2 to avoid a bug in rasterio.merge with min/max options. See here for more information.

  • CI: Do not run pytests on tags and discard except keywords

1.4.8 (2021-07-29)#

  • ENH: Adding ci.assert_raster_max_mismatch allowing a mismatch between two rasters’ pixels

1.4.7 (2021-07-28)#

  • FIX: Fixing the management of shapefiles on the cloud (caching the .shp and all other files)

  • FIX: ci.assert_geom_equal manages correctly GeoSeries

  • CI: renaming build step to lint

  • CI: Optimizing the lib installation

1.4.6 (2021-07-19)#

  • rasters.write and rasters_rio.write:

    • Manage correctly BigTiffs with LZW compression

    • Use the maximum number of available threads to compress

1.4.5 (2021-07-16)#

  • Fix: clumsy metadata management in rasters_rio.merge_gtiff

  • ENH: We can use paths when testing with ci.assert_geom_equal

1.4.4 (2021-07-13)#

  • Fix: Fixing a bug when using relative path with a start that is not an exact root

  • Adding a DOI and a .coveragerc

1.4.3 (2021-07-05)#

  • Fix: JSON can serialize Pathlib objects

  • Fix: forces CRS to WGS84 for KML

1.4.2 (2021-07-02)#

  • By default, using BIGTFF=IF_NEEDED when writing files on disk

  • Bug resolution when passing a rasterio dataset info rasters functions

  • Bug resolution for pathlib paths with

  • Type hints updates

1.4.1 (2021-06-29)#


    • Manage IO[bytes] and other inputs instead of only path in and set KML vectors to WGS84

    • Manage Null Layer exception

  • [CI] Updating CI to really test S3 data

1.4.0 (2021-06-28)#

  • Handling S3 compatible storage data

  • [vectors] Adding a read function handling KML, GML, archived vectors…

  • [API break] files.read_archived_vector is removed (ise instead)

  • [API break] Using pathlib objects instead of str

  • CI: Updates

1.3.15 (2021-06-16)#

  • Adding a display file

  • Adding a scaling function in display

1.3.14.post4 (2021-06-07)#

  • Managing naive geometries in vectors.open_gml

1.3.14.post3 (2021-06-07)#

  • Converting GML GeoDataFrame to the wanted CRS in vectors.open_gml

1.3.14.post2 (2021-06-07)#

  • Popping _FillValue from xarray attribute (wrongly set there by sth) in rasters_rio.write

1.3.14.post1 (2021-06-03)#

  • Compressing to LZW by default in rasters.write and rasters_rio.write

1.3.14.post0 (2021-06-02)#

  • Setting original dtype all the time in

1.3.14 (2021-05-31)#

  • Add a as_list keyword to files.get_archived_rio_path()

  • Add a vectors.open_gml overloading gpd.read_file for GML vectors in order to avoid exceptions for empty geometries

1.3.13.post1 (2021-05-27)#

  • Copy the encoding dict before setting the nodata

1.3.13.post0 (2021-05-27)#

  • Correct the original dtype in

  • Keep xarray attributes in

  • Pass the encoding dict in rasters.set_nodata()

1.3.13 (2021-05-26)#

  • [rasters] Adding the possibility to specify an index

  • [rasters_rio] Adding the possibility to use all function arguments

  • [CI] Adding weekly tests with tox for py3.7, py3.8, py3.9 on Linux and Windows

1.3.12 (2021-05-20)#

  • Using xarray 0.18+ and rioxarray 0.4+

1.3.11.post4 (2021-05-04)#

  • Fixing bug when array has no nodata in rasters.to_np

  • No need to set np.nan in xarray.where (default value)

1.3.11.post3 (2021-05-04)#

  • Missing psutil in and setting minimum versions

1.3.11.post2 (2021-05-04)#

  • Correctly manage nodata in rasters.sieve

  • Bug correction in rasters.where

1.3.11.post1 (2021-05-04)#

  • Bad nodata setting in rasters.paint

1.3.11 (2021-05-04)#

  • Adding a function rasters.paint to fill a value where stands a polygon

  • Set the nodata after rasters.mask

  • Setting from_disk=True by default in rasters.crop

  • Bug correction in rasters.where when setting nodata

1.3.10.post2 (2021-04-30)#

  • Fixing the original dtype management in the rasters decorator and in the rasters.vectorize

1.3.10 (2021-04-30)#

  • Fixing the parameter dissolve in vectorize function (invalid geometries…)

1.3.9 (2021-04-30)#

  • Adding a parameter dissolve to vectorize, allowing the user to retrieve a unique polygon

1.3.8 (2021-04-30)#

  • JSON Encoder converts int32 to int for some system that needs it

  • rasters.where: convert type only if needed and output a xarray.DataArray if master_xda is passed

  • Adding a parameter keep_values to vectorize, allowing the user to discard the specified values

1.3.7 (2021-04-29)#

  • Fixing regression in rasters_rio.unpackbits

  • Fixing regression in ci.assert_raster_almost_equal and always checking transform to 10-9

1.3.6 (2021-04-29)#

  • Optimizing (very slow function, maybe we need to take a look at that)

  • Optimizing rasters.set_nodata and in rasters_rio.unpackbits

  • Other minor optimizations

1.3.5 (2021-04-29)#

  • Managing exotic dtypes in rasters.write

  • Adding a rasters.where function preserving metadata and nodata

  • Fixing the case with rasters.set_metadata with xarray without CRS

1.3.4 (2021-04-28)#

  • Setting default nodata according to the dtype in rasters.write:

    • uint8: 255

    • int8: -128

    • uint16, uint32, int32, int64, uint64: 65535

    • int16, float32, float64, float128, float: -9999

1.3.3 (2021-04-27)#

  • []

    • Coarsen instead of reprojecting if possible (faster)

    • Load as float32 if possible

  • Updates in CI to automatically update documentation on Github on new tags

1.3.2 (2021-04-27)#

  • Allowing gpd.GeoDataFrames in crop/mask

  • API break: rasters_rio.write(array, path, meta) becomes rasters_rio.write(array, meta, path) !

1.3.1 (2021-04-27)#

  • Do not lose attributes when using rasters.set_nodata

  • Discard locks when reading xarrays (in

1.3.0 (2021-04-26)#

  • Going Open Source