slope(dst: Union[str, tuple,], in_pct: bool = False, in_rad: bool = False) -> (<class ''>, <class 'dict'>)[source]

Compute the slope of a DEM (in degrees).

Goal: replace gdaldem CLI (


  • It uses a 2nd order gradient instead of Horn’s or Zevenbergen & Thorne’s formula

  • z_factor is fixed to 1.0

  • scale managed by dst resolution

Reference: -

  • dst (PATH_ARR_DS) – Path to the raster, its dataset, its xarray or a tuple containing its array and metadata

  • in_pct (bool) – Outputs slope in percents

  • in_rad (bool) – Outputs slope in radians. Not taken into account if in_pct == True


Slope and its metadata

Return type

(, dict)