assert_geom_equal(geom_1: Union[str, CloudPath, Path, GeoDataFrame], geom_2: Union[str, CloudPath, Path, GeoDataFrame]) None[source]#

Assert that two geometries are equal (do not check equality between geodataframe as they may differ on other fields).

Useful for pytests.

>>> path = r"CI/DATA/vectors/aoi.geojson"
>>> assert_geom_equal(path, path)
>>> # Raises AssertionError if sth goes wrong


Only checks:
  • valid geometries

  • length of GeoDataFrame

  • CRS

  • geom_1 (Union[str, CloudPath, Path, "gpd.GeoDataFrame"]) – Geometry 1

  • geom_2 (Union[str, CloudPath, Path, "gpd.GeoDataFrame"]) – Geometry 2