Geometry tools

You can use this only if you have installed sertit[full] or sertit[vectors]


buffer(vector, buffer_m, **kwargs)

Add a buffer on a vector.

fill_polygon_holes(gpd_results[, threshold])

Fill holes over a given threshold on the hole area (in meters) for all polygons of a GeoDataFrame.

from_bounds_to_polygon(left, bottom, right, top)

Convert the bounds to a shapely.polygon.


Convert a shapely.polygon to its bounds, sorted as left, bottom, right, top.


Get the wider exterior of a MultiPolygon as a Polygon

intersects(input, other[, buffer_on_input])

Select the polygons of the input GeoDataFrame that intersects the other one and return them.

line_merge(lines, **kwargs)

shapely.line_merge algorithm applied to a GeoDataFrame.

make_valid(gdf[, verbose])

Repair geometries from a dataframe.

nearest_neighbors(src_gdf, candidates_gdf, ...)

For each point in src_gdf, find the closest point in candidates_gdf and return them with their distances (in the crs coordinates).

simplify_footprint(footprint, resolution[, ...])

Simplify footprint.

split(polygons, splitter)

Split polygons with polygons or lines.