simplify_footprint(footprint: GeoDataFrame, resolution: float, max_nof_vertices: int = 50) GeoDataFrame[source]#

Simplify footprint.

Set a number of maximum vertices and this function will try to simplify the footprint to have less than this number of vertices. The tolerance will grow to try to respect this number of vertices.

This function will loop over a number of pixels of tolerence [1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64] (tolerance of gpd.simplify == resolution * tol_pix) If in the end, the number of vertices is still too high, a warning will be emitted.

  • footprint (gpd.GeoDataFrame) – Footprint to be simplified

  • resolution (float) – Corresponding resolution

  • max_nof_vertices (int) – Maximum number of vertices of the wanted footprint


Simplified footprint

Return type: